Insects, Dead Animals, Crawl Space Odors

Pest Remediation Services
re·me·di·a·tion  “The action of remedying something, to correct or improve”

While we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, we are very close to nature.
Washington state, primarily Western Washington has a very mild climate, not only comfortable to us (humans) but also very suitable for many species of small animals.

Our rodent population is very resilient and crafty. If at all possible they will find a nice dry, comfortable place to not only live, but even worse, Populate. This can cause many health concerns for you and your family not to mention a menace to deal with.

Insects, Dead Animals, Crawl Space Odors

Our Remediation Services Include:

  • Locating entry points
  • Prevent future pest activity
  • Sealing/Repairing entry points
  • Eliminating current pest activity
  • Identifying pest harborage sites
  • Written Pest Remediation analysis
  • Use a variety of professional materials


Insects, Dead Animals, Crawl Space Odors

Pest control is a fact of life here in our beautiful state of Washington. At Superior Insulation our goal is to make your home Unsuitable for their habitat. We do this by not allowing them access to your home in the first place. Yes you must first eliminate the threat by exterminating any unwanted guest. But you must also make sure they can’t re-enter your home by sealing off all access they may have.

Every house or building we enter is a different scenario. Below is a small list of what might be done in an average situation.

  • Evaluate and correct any current infestation you may have.
  • Inspect and evaluate you homes integrity against intrusions.
  • Fixing and or replacing vent screens and other access points.
  • Sealing small holes and cracks around pipes, windows, and siding.
  • Sealing crawl space access against rodents and nuisance animals.

Exclusion or mechanical control is the use of physical barriers to keep pests from entering your home. When the weather cools down rodents look for food sources in and around your house. Mice can fit through holes as small as 1/4′ and inspecting and sealing the entry points can prevent these unwanted guests from bringing their disease, fleas, and filth into your home.

Would you like to speak with an insulation Specialist? The professionals at Superior Insulation are always available to answer your questions and discuss your insulation needs or energy goals.